SuperDoor Configurator 2019


For Revit 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

SuperDoor Configurator makes creating high quality, consistent door families and placing them in your project fast and easy!

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SuperDoor includes content (Revit families) for building a nearly infinite variety of doors, and software which provides a graphical wizard interface that guides Revit users through selecting/configuring door components and then placing them into their Revit project.

Network floating licenses, standalone licenses and upgrades are available.

See our SuperDoor Configurator FAQ.

SuperDoor Configurator Pricing

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1. Select Assembly

Select Assembly screenshot

2. Select Frame

Select frame screenshot

3. Select Panel

Select Assembly screenshot

4. Set Parameters

Set parameters screenshot

5. Set Names & Load

Set names and load screenshot

6. Floor Plan View

floor plan view screenshot

7. 3D View

3D view screenshot
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