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Enterprise Revit Content Management

BIM List™ Server provides the ability to connect multiple users to the same BIM List database. BIM List Server will handle distributing database updates to each connected user – including those in remote offices – supercharging BIM List into a true enterprise content management solution.

The Pain Point

The lack of a central content management solution leaves many firms struggling to organize their content in a folder structure. Folder structures are inherently inefficient for accessing family files, as most of the meaningful data about a family is not accessible outside of Revit.

Key Features

Share the Data: BIM List Server allows efficient sharing of databases between multiple users, even when those users are not in the same office.

License the Server: User machines have the tendency to be less stable than servers. With BIM List server, only the server is licensed, not the end user machines. Whether your users have multiple machines, receive new hardware or lose access to their machine due to a virus or hardware failure, the BIM List Client software will just work, no need to register or connect to a license server.

Simple Search: When a search is executed, the list of families and their types can be filtered to show only the results matching the search criteria.

Lightweight: BIM List Server installs as a Windows service and is not processor or resource intensive.

Accessible: BIM List Server can be utilized in multi-office firms as long as VPN or equivalent network infrastructure is in place. Family content is not stored in the database, ensuring database changes can be synchronized to users quickly without bogging down the network.

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