Our 3D printing service offers clients the ability to visualize their designs in new way, win more business and build a portfolio of success, and can transform your design projects into tangible and accurately scaled models. Defined features are printed to scale with monochromatic or full-color options to help convey selected materials.

Win design proposals by presenting a completed solution that shows the model integrated with existing elements and desired project parameters. Increase your firm’s portfolio exposure with a showcase of 3D printed designs from past and present projects for prospects to view during consultation.

Our 3D printing process is as follows:

  • Submit your file/s through our website file submission portal. We accept files of all types including sketch-up, Revit models, cad file, etc.
  • A CTC visualization specialist exports the file into Maya for inspection and thickens up of the walls for the 3D model rendering.
  • A quote will be submitted to our sales department. A sales representative with contact you with farther information.
  • Once an agreement is made, the visualization specialist will make the rendering water-tight and print-ready.
  • The visualization specialist will test the model and send it to the printers.
  • After printing, the model will be brushed, cleaned, bathed, prepared and shipped to the client.

FYI – the duration of this process depends on the size of the model a client wants to obtain. A general estimated time for this process is about 1-2 weeks.